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Video - A Well Trained, Effective Assassin

July 2021 | Written By David Yovich

In the summer of 1981... MTV launched its network with the first music video, entitled "Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles. Fast forward 40 years to the summer of 2021, and the world has undergone a technological revolution, but one thing is certain, video has evolved into a well-trained, effective assassin. So, if video is not a high priority in your company's marketing mix, it's time to reassess.

People Prefer to Watch, Not Read

Video outperforms in nearly every possible marketing metric. From increased email click-through rates, LinkedIn video ads crushing static counterparts, to the increased time spent on companies' websites, video unquestionably wins in almost all marketing platforms. Of all statistics I could list, one stands above all others; viewers retain 95% of a message when they receive it through video. It makes absolute sense. Our society has been conditioned since the invention of the TV, but more so in the past 20 years, to not only digest but to prefer to digest video content. If you want your messaging to resonate, video is the most effective format.

The 90’s called, they want their corporate video back

Business-to-Business videos have certainly evolved. I'm old enough to have experienced the corporate videos of the 90s. I've sat through the HR "new hire" training videos, as well as the boring sales presentation videos of the era. They were extremely expensive and poorly produced by today's standards. Luckily things have evolved in every aspect.

The cost of video has drastically decreased. Today's technology has made production more efficient. Most video shoots can be done with smaller production staff in less time, and the editing is far less labor-intensive.

The ability for B2B companies to storytell

Telling your brand's story is the number one most effective way to create lasting impressions within the marketplace. There are a number of ways to achieve this. From documenting the company's history, showcasing the manufacturing process, video case studies, or even company cause videos, the possibilities are limitless to shape how the marketplace views your brand.

Embrace quantity first, quality second

This might sound a little counterintuitive and by no means am I suggesting that quality does not matter; it absolutely does, but more compelling and relevant content is always better. For example, if a salesperson is on-site with a customer and your product is being installed, they should be capturing a video of the process from their cell phone, sending it to marketing, and ultimately posting it to social media. If you're working with outside production resources, develop a plan that is both effective, numerous, and budget-friendly. If you plan ahead on content, you can easily save money from your budget by filming for multiple videos in one shoot and editing several videos at one time. Be creative.

Our job as marketers is to communicate the unique selling benefits specific to our companies and their respective products and/or services and doing so in the most effective manner possible. Video is the most effective way to educate the marketplace about the solutions a company provides or the problems it solves, and even the pain points that it removes or mitigates. If you are currently including video in your marketing mix, produce more. If video is not part of that mix, it's time to make it a priority.

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