Who Is Cre8tive Logic?

We are a comprehensive, full-service marketing, communications, & advertising firm.

We are led by an experienced management team with deep knowledge of and keen acumen with the marketing science and craft.

Our team enjoys a diverse background, having not only blue chip experience, but worked in, owned and further successfully launched and exited their own enterprises. Our firm serves a distinct category of companies in such sectors as: architectural product manufacturers, fast moving consumer packaged goods (FMCPG), technology, and OEM operations. From the strategic elements of visioning, strategic alignment, positioning, and execution, to the tactical bits of creative design, website development, communications and PR, and of course social media management and engagement, Cre8tive Logic is wholly focused on driving and achieving growth for our clients.

Our Core Values

Integrity and professionalism enshroud the very essence of who we are. You will find these values exhibited in our character, our attitude, and our appearance. They are indeed who we are internally and externally. These two fundamental attributes make us want to go the extra mile for our clients, to accept both challenge and risk for the chance to innovate and excel. They are exhibited in our competency and our passion for learning, yet they reject complacency and keep us on our toes and compel us to give our very best. They demand not just the norm – they are persistent and never ending. Integrity and professionalism are characteristically us; people who think hard and work hard in our collective mission to help our clients realize their goals.

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