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Client Overview

With a history spanning over 100 years and three generations, A-Treat® soda is a true Pennsylvania staple and a brand that has gained legions of devoted fans from all age groups and walks of life. A-Treat® soda is still produced with the same care practiced by Joe and Jack Egizio as they mixed up their first batches of A-Treat® back in 1918. In fact, many of the flavors are still produced using formulas that evolved from the Egizios’ original recipes.

After a short lapse in production, the iconic A-Treat® brand was acquired by the Jaindl Companies in 2015. A-Treat® products made their happy return to grocery store shelves in the fall of 2015, continuing the unique legacy started by the Egizio brothers in their family’s Allentown home.

Cre8tive Logic was tasked to create interactive campaigns that not only are product-centric, but promote the rich history of the brand while encouraging brand interactions and product consumption.

A-Treat Social Media posts by Cre8tive Logic

Exploiting Niche Markets

Lehigh Valley Wrestling is the staple for professional wrestling fans in the Lehigh Valley and Eastern Pennsylvania. Cre8tive Logic observed frequent interaction with the A-Treat® brand and many of the professional wrestlers. Immediately, Cre8tive Logic began further fostering these relationships through social media, understanding that the pro wrestlers command a massive regional following. The increased attention resulted in far greater brand interaction online and A-Treat® products being featured and even promoted by these social influencers without any financial obligation or risk.

A-Treat Social Media posts by Cre8tive Logic
A-Treat Social Media posts by Cre8tive Logic


Cre8tive Logic is continuing to grow followers and promote increased brand participation by developing posts that encourage product usage and brand interaction for long-term gain. Many brands are focused on viral and sometimes divisive content only to reap 10 seconds of fame, which ultimately does little to promote and sustain long-term brand loyalty and advocacy. Cre8tive Logic promotes healthy growth through proactive, steady and consistent social messaging, while actively monitoring and participating in the ensuing conversations between brand loyalists, advocates and explorers alike.

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