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Outsourcing LinkedIn, A Fools Errand

Aug 2021 | Written By David Yovich

Outsourcing LinkedIn, A Fools Errand

Digital marketing has become more complex and consequently even more confusing over the past decade. Also mired in this complexity is a whole subset of new social media platforms; consider that just 24 months ago, no one had really ever heard of TikTok.

So, from Facebook to Pinterest and Instagram to TikTok, developing marketing strategies relevant to and producing results within these platforms is often a full-time job. In most cases, however, it makes sense to hire 3rd party professionals to grow your company's social network participation and engagement. Although jumbled in the mosh pit of social media networks is a unique platform known as LinkedIn. It's different; it requires YOUR participation and that of your colleagues, and its management is not something you should consider farming out.

LinkedIn is a valuable networking tool in the B2B world. Technically it is a social media platform, but it's essential to treat it differently from the other consumer-facing platforms. In fact, if your company strictly operates in a B2B environment, ditch the other social media platforms and double down on LinkedIn. But it's important to understand that achieving successful engagement on LinkedIn requires company-wide participation.

Utilize, Don't Rely

Most marketing firms will tell you that they can handle your company's LinkedIn account from the cradle to the grave. They can, but don't let them. It's important to understand the role your marketing partner should play in the process. They can set up a great-looking company page, design a content plan and schedule, develop the content, execute the posts, and manage paid advertising programming. In many regards, the marketing firms can do most of the heavy lifting; however, what they can't do is effectively grow your network.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Ensuring the success of a company's LinkedIn page can not fall solely on the marketing department or an agency. Successful campaigns involve active participation with all departments, especially sales and the C-suite. Both departments do or should be utilizing LinkedIn to build out their personal networks, keep track of old business contacts, and connect with people throughout the industry. But active participation means following the company's page and encouraging staff to share (repost) content throughout their respective networks. For example, let's say that your company page has 100 followers, yet on average, individuals in the company have 400 connections. The schedule is developed, the content is created, and the post hits. That represents a lot of work to communicate to a limited set of 100 followers. Consider that if only 5 employees share the post, it will reach an additional 2,000 people, representing a multiplier effect of a 20x greater impression rate. Make it a priority that all employees (particularly those in sales, the C-suite, and other key roles) understand and are invested in the importance of active participation on LinkedIn.

Stay in Your Lane

LinkedIn is a multifaceted platform that can lend itself to achieving or advancing specific sales and marketing goals. From a marketer's perspective, LinkedIn is a content conduit. It's a great platform to disseminate relevant content to the market. In addition, LinkedIn has great advertising opportunities that allow for specific targeting, plus sponsored content. In most cases, if you are operating in a B2B environment, LinkedIn is a far superior targeting and advertising platform than any of the other social media platforms, and can even rival Google Ad programs. Finally, from a sales perspective, LinkedIn is a powerful tool to research prospects, stay in touch with prospects, and remain relevant to current customers.

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