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2021 Outlook for the Building Industry

A pandemic ravaging the country, unemployment at 6.6% (well above the 3.6% in early 2020), a closely contested presidential election, a year full of protests and indeed riots, and a citizenry divided along political lines, not to mention concerns over race, equality and diversity. Any one of these stated issues would be enough on its own to derail an economy, but taken in aggregate, a prudent person could only suggest that a complete economic meltdown is surely immenent. Amazingly, what the economy is experiencing is quite the opposite.

A Fast Recovering US Economy

A look at the data shows that while certain sectors (e.g. travel and leisure, restaurants and other service-intensive sectors) continue to struggle, the economy is in fact recovering quite quickly, and it’s being led largely by manufacturing.

The Power of Print

With so much focus in recent years on digital marketing it’s easy to abandon tried and true marketing tactics in order to jump at the next shining object that proclaims to have a higher impact, more precise targeting, and an unbeatable ROI.