What Exactly Is A Responsive Website?

Posted on April 21, 2015 by David Yovich

What Exactly Is A Responsive Website?

It was only yesterday that laptops seemed to stretch as far as the eyes could see in airports. Now, most laptops are securely packed in the carry-on while smart-phones and tablets have replaced the landscape.

Back in the laptop days of old, internet on mobile devices was far from convenient. That has all changed. We are not consuming more information, rather we are consuming information faster and easier. Much of it has to do with mobile.

Information is not the only cross screen experience, so are decisions. Decisions that typically were made from a spec sheet or static website where traditional information was found are now being made from phones and tablets. Buying decisions that range from a new piece of equipment on the factory floor to products that can stop hair loss.

Responsive websites respond. They are coded to react to the screen size or device they are being viewed on. It creates a unified user experience no matter the device. It is a drastic shift in thought process and one that is changing the way companies approach the digital market, and those who change are reaping the rewards.

Whether it is trying to increase throughput on the factory floor or decrease the onset of receding hairlines, people with problems needing solutions Google it. If they are googling on a mobile device and your competitor’s site is responsive while yours is not, Google rewards them, not you. Two of the most important metrics Google uses when delivering search results on a mobile device are: Does the URL stay the same? Does the HTML stay the same? There have been other methods companies have implemented for mobile that predates responsive design; mobile specific and dynamic serving. The chart below tells the story.

Responsive Website Chart?

If your company’s website is coming under review or has not been redesigned in less than three years, it is important to keep in mind that anything not responsive will be obsolete. Your company’s image and information distribution is directly correlated to the perception of quality in the goods and services provided. Right or wrong, you will be judged on everything but the quality of your product/service prior to the final decision to buy.

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