Outsourced Sales

Traditional independent reps and agencies will land one bread and butter account then fill in the gaps with up to 10 other products that compliment the main line.

In actuality the only thing traditional independent reps provide the companies they represent is a “chance” to be introduced to their contacts. No time is spent growing the 10 other product lines. Yet commission is expected even when a sale cannot be traced to any selling activity.

Our independent sales model is a completely revolutionary system that employs a new mindset in selling B2B. We do not sell complimentary lines, because we are not reliant upon face-to-face appointments. By utilizing technology we can close deals utilizing the telephone and internet. We can spend less time and money per sale then the traditional handshake sales rep. We have a staff of highly trained telesales professionals. We work with our clients to develop a sales strategy that is advantageous to all parties.

Our talented telesales people are highly skilled and highly effective.

They have the ability to talk to more prospective customers in one day then a traditional independent rep does in one month. Cre8tive Logic can help you accelerate past your competition and be a trailblazer in your industry.

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