Solutions for Start-ups

As a start-up business the decision to hire an internal team vs outsourcing specific functions is critical.

Both have pros and cons. In many ways, outsourcing business growth functions such as sales and marketing can be a scary proposition. Cre8tive Logic takes the fear away by truly understanding the start-up entrepreneur’s mindset. We understand the mindset because we share the same values and work ethic that are infused in the enterprising entrepreneurs DNA.

We understand that start-ups are in a constant struggle for funding, growth, profitability, and possible acquisition. We understand that any wrong move could lead to failure or a happy mistake. We understand that you eat, breathe, and sleep your company. We understand that you want team members to do the same, which above all is to believe. We understand, because our senior partners have been there. Prior to our firm's inception our senior partners came from a start-up or growth hacking background. They have experienced successes, as well as failures, but most of all they gained perspective.

Cre8tive Logic is the practical partner for start-up companies.

We provide board level CMO expertise that can help develop high-level strategies for both sales and marketing, while simultaneously having the experienced staff to execute. Cre8tive Logic can provide start-ups with a turnkey, fully staffed sales and marketing department.

Cre8tive Logic provides start-ups with flexibility. We work with our clients to develop hours, payment terms, and retainers. We offer an affordable blended hourly rate, but also are willing to negotiate equity positions for an even lower hourly rate.

Our underlying philosophy is client success. When our clients succeed, so do we. We’ve helped clients position themselves for acquisition, and we’ve guided others through the early stages of negotiations. We’ve helped clients grow from concept to marketable product. And just as important, we work with established companies and brands. This gives us perspective. The perspective to understand high growth and instability, while simultaneously understanding small slow growth and mature markets.

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