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Let’s say you manufacture widgets for warehouses.

You have built your business selling widgets to warehouses. You have a mixture of in-house and independent salespeople. About once a year a shipping yard calls you for a widget. You are not sure how or why they call you and it's outside you traditional market, but you suspect there is an opportunity to grow your business by selling widgets to both warehouses and shipping yards. The shipping yard industry shares some similar characteristics, but in general is a whole new industry. You have to make a choice. Do I hire internal resources, use existing ones, or try to find independent rep agencies in the new market?

This is where Cre8tive Logic can help. We can provide you a turnkey, dedicated, and fully staffed marketing and sales department specific to the shipping yard industry. We can ramp up for national deployment within weeks and implement our proprietary sales methodology to close widget deals quickly.

We have the ability, experience, and intestinal fortitude to design and implement programs for specific niche markets, product extensions, geographic territories, or even total company department outsourcing.

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