It’s determination coupled with the necessary experience to understand and navigate the ocean in order to be in the right position to catch the wave.

As marketers we understand the value of creating perception and storytelling.

It’s the empathetic side of business. It’s the side comprised of understanding that deep physiological connections with a brand can and should occur on a subconscious level. It’s an understanding of how to communicate the brand to the masses, while simultaneously creating an individual emotional relationship with the brand. Marketing is a strange concoction of research, analytics, strategic planning, and data crunching, all while sitting in a director’s chair, writing creative copy, and drawing pretty pictures. Marketing at its simplest form is the ability to answer and communicate the who, what, where, and when.

As salespeople we understand the journey to the close.

Sales are more than just a three point shot as the time expires to win the game. Sales encompass team tryouts, nightly practices, missed shots and lost games. It’s the entire season from start to finish. It’s about understanding when to soft sell, when to hard sell, and when to just allow the process to work. Every close feels like a three pointer to win the game as time expires, but experienced sales people understand that they had to take that same shot 50 times prior and miss, but have the tenancy to try the for the 51st time.

This symbiotic relationship between Marketing & Sales is the cornerstone of Cre8tive Logic.

We understand both can survive as separate, and depending upon the organization, at odds against each other. However when the approach is symbiotic, the true potential of a company and its products can be realized. Cre8tive Logic is a results-oriented firm. Results can be measured with statistics, analysis, and other traditional marketing metrics, but with every approach we take we measure results with a correlation in increased revenue.

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